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Welcome to Reeve Aleutian Virtual! We are a flight simulator group that enjoys the challenges associated with the type of flying that the now defunct airline performed. While we are in no way associated with the former airline or it's employees, we do try to emulate it by flying the real world routes flown in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's.

Please download and read through our Pilot's Operating Handbook before applying.

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Pilotos 10
Aeronaves da Frota 29
Rotas 153
Total de Horas: 837.51
Total de Vôos 54
Vôos Regulares 39
Vôos Charter 15
% de Vôos Regulares 72.22 %


RVV09Elian Salinas   PAFA  PANC 2023-05-08 1.82
RVV07Chris Blair  PAKN  PANC 2023-04-13 2.10
RVV07Chris Blair  PACD  PAKN 2023-04-06 2.00
RVV07Chris Blair  PADU  PACD 2023-04-04 1.13
RVV07Chris Blair  PAKO  PADU 2023-03-30 0.90


RVV09-Elian Salinas 2023-05-06
RVV08-Leeroy Jenkins2023-02-10
RVV07-Chris Blair2023-01-23
RVV06-Theodore Mitsopoulos2023-01-04
RVV05-Ken King2022-12-14




Differences in ICAO codes06-12-2022

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