General Rules of Conduct

  1. During your time as a member of Reeve Aleutian Virtual, you must provide and maintain a valid e-mail address. This means that you must notify us of any changes to your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will not be shared outside the Reeve Aleutian Virtual organization without your express prior permission.
  2. Watch your language on TeamSpeak.
  3. Members shall, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another
  4. Leave your politics at the gate, no one is interested.
  5. Use push to talk on TeamSpeak
  6. Pilots should utilize ramp parking and gate-type position starts in their flight simulator when connecting to multiplayer at an airport.


At Reeve Aleutian Virtual, we strive to provide a clean and safe flight environment for simmers of all interest. Our goal is to provide a professional and realistic setting for our members. While the guidelines cover some specific related issues, they are not confined to them. We trust that everyone will act in a responsible manner and in a fashion becoming of an adult. If there are any questions about these guidelines you can send your email to Thank you for your participation and understanding.

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